Labrador Puppies

PUPPIES coming soon!!!!!!

Arroser Labrador Kennels has studied all the best bloodlines in the world and chosen sires and dams we hope will produce the best possible puppies available. The puppies are raised with love and care in our family home on 10 acres. To secure your labrador puppy, please fill in our puppy owners guide at so we can gauge which labrador puppy will suit you perfectly.

Please get in touch and we will contact you with availability.

At Arroser Labrador Kennels our Labrador Retriever puppies are selected carefully for and with our owners so that they best match their lifestyle and personalities . We are thrilled with our Arroser Labrador Retriever breeding group’s abilities to pass on their excellent genes. We have collected the very best bloodlines and specimens from around the world to achieve our dream, which is simply to bring you the best Labrador Retriever puppy you can find anywhere in the world. Our Labrador Retrievers are great family members and spend their days helping out around the farm and being loved by our family. Our Arroser Labrador Retriever puppies have been shipped all over the world to breeders and pet owners alike!
It is with great pride that we lovingly get to know every Labrador Retriever puppy so we can ascertain the best possible homes for our Labrador Retriever puppies.
Some of Arroser’s Labrador Retriever puppies are born for the show ring and some are born to lay about bringing a sense of calm and peace to their owners. Whilst some Arroser Labrador Retriever puppies are plainly built for the hunting or working field. 
At Arroser Labrador Kennels you can’t just buy a dog. You must be carefully matched to our beautiful Arroser Labrador Retriever puppies so that you have a friend for life in your Labrador Retriever Dog.

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beginner, or already an experienced hunter?
Have you ever had a dog? If yes, what happened to it?
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