Rosebird Augusta

Sire: Gunnislake Darcy's Dynasty

Dam: Chardress Ebony Sprite

Rosebird Augusta ; Augusta was chosen on her superior Labrador Retriever Traits . She is a most worthy Labrador Retriever Bitch , she has incredible agility and loyalty. She combines a most intelligent expression with a broad deep head and large soulful eyes. She is a beautifully robust labrador Retriever. She loves to swim and swim and swim and will jump in any water anywhere no matter how cold . This is an incredible labrador Retriever attribute when you consider this is precisely what Labradors were bred for.

Our inclusion of Gussie into our programme can best be described by Wikipedia
Labradors are powerful and indefatigable swimmers noted for their ability to tolerate the coldest of water for extended periods of time. Their ability to work quietly alongside hunters while watching for birds to fall from the sky, marking where they land, and then using their outstanding nose to find and retrieve dead or wounded birds has made them the king of waterfowl retrievers.[49] They are also used for pointing and flushing and make excellent upland game hunting partners.

Labradors are an intelligent breed with a good work ethic and generally good temperaments. Common working roles for Labradors include: hunting, tracking and detection (they have a great sense of smell which helps when working in these areas), disabled-assistance, carting, and therapy work Approximately 60-70% of all guide dogs in Canada are Labradors; other common breeds are Golden Retrievers and German Shepherd Dogs. Labrador Retrievers have proven to have a high success rate at becoming guide dogs. A study was recently done on how well four different breeds (Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever/Golden Retriever Mix, and German Shepherd Dogs) trained to become guide dogs. In this experiment, German Shepherd Dogs had the highest chance of not completing it. Labrador Retrievers and Labrador Retriever/Golden Retriever Mix had the highest success rate.

The high intelligence, initiative and self-direction of Labradors in working roles is exemplified by dogs such as Endal, who during a 2001 emergency placed an unconscious human being in the recovery position, retrieved his mobile phone from beneath the car, fetched a blanket and covered him, barked at nearby dwellings for assistance, and then ran to a nearby hotel to obtain help.

Rosebirds Augusta's Arroser Labrador Retriever pups will make any owner proud!