Labeana Clementine

Sire Labeana Hugo Boss

Dam Labeana Billy Jean

Clementine is sired by superstar show dog and sire CH Labeana Hugo Boss, and her Dam CH Labeana Billy Jean is equally famous for her winning in Australia. Between them there is not much these incredible Labrador Retrievers havent won .

Wikipedia states that
The Labrador is an exceptionally popular dog. For example as of 2006:
- Widely considered the most popular breed in the world.
- Most popular dog by ownership in Australia, Canada, Israel. New Zealand UK, and USA (since 1991), In both the UK and USA, there are well over twice as many Labradors registered as the next most popular breed. If the comparison is limited to dog breeds of a similar size, then there are around 3 - 5 times as many Labradors registered in both countries as the next most popular breeds, the German Shepherd Dog and Golden Retriever.
- Most popular breed of assistance dog in the United States, Australia and many other countries, as well as being widely used by police and other official bodies for their detection and working abilities. Approximately 60-70% of all guide dogs in the United States are Labradors
- Seven out of 13 of the Australian National Kennel Council "Outstanding Gundogs" Hall of Fame appointees are Labradors (list covers 2000-2005).
When you meet Labeana Clementine you will know why these stats just get better and better. She is far and away the most popular and loved Labrador Retriever at Arroser Kennel. Everyone that visits simply must have a puppy from her. ( at this point she hasn't been bred-she is too busy with her dad doing farm work working horses and greeting visitors and clients)

Is it that she has the most level topline in the business? A super stifle? a very short thick jaunty tail? Can it be her broad head and those beautiful eyes that say "gosh I am glad to meet you and talk with you today?" is it her ground covering trot that expresses both power and elegance? Her well sprung ribs?

You know what? I don't think its any of that stuff! I think Clementines magic on everyone who meets her is her ability to fold her world class body in half in ecstasy and still waggle from head to foot.

Clem brings us joy every day and reminds us why we are so lucky and proud to own Arroser Labrador retriever Kennel