Driftway Take The Lead is our Stud Dog . He was bred from the best Labrador Retriever Kennel in the world Driftway. Driftway Labrador Retriever Kennel and its founder Guy Spagnolo have been breeding arguably the best Labradors in the world for the last 35 years and it is an honour to own such a superb Labrador Retriever dog bred by Driftway Labrador Retriever Kennel.
Driftway Take The Lead was then shown by one of the best Labrador Retriever kennels in the world Labeana Labradors. Scott has been breeding and showing for many years and was a big step for him to part with Driftway Take The Lead. Scott has been a kind and inspiring mentor in helping us to obtain the absolute best bloodlines from proven lines from around the world.

Driftway Take The Lead is quality from the tip of his ears to the tip of his short Otter like tail. His most outstanding quality is his elegance he manages to combine an elegant flow with a very powerful broad chested level topline athletic labrador. His kind expression is somehow still in perfect synergy with a broad and masculine head. His has a very deep and beautiful stop and its hard to look past this super feature of this Labrador Retriever dog. However when you keep looking you just keep giving him tens. He has excellent bone, a very level topline, excellent barrel shaped ribs, a short loin and very very good stifle. His coat is extremly good in texture and colour.
He passes his attributes on beautifully to his Labrador Retriever pups.